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Thanks to those who responded to my question before. Now I am wondering how to say different methods of French food preparation (the stuff we need to know when we dine but they never teach us)

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Not being absolutely sure of the expressions you'd like, would it be something like the following?

    le vocabulaire: les boissons (drinks), la cuisson (méthode de préparation), les desserts, la nourriture (food), les repas (meals), les viandes (meats), les légumes (vegetables), les fruits (fruit), les épices et les condiments, les légumes (vegtables), OR

    specific recipes? (there are some good sites online with recipes)

    Also, the silverware, dishes, etc.?

    Your post is way too open to know exactly what to provide for you!


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