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dog behavior

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pleaplease check my answer thanks so much

Which of the following best describes when extinction occurs

A When a CS is repeatedly presented and periodically followed by a US

B When a CS is repeatedly presented without the presention of a US

C CS and US are presented together

D CS is repeatedly overshadowed

This question doesn'tmake sense to me

I have learend that Extinction is a process by which a particular behavior decreases or disappears se check this for me thanks

  • dog behavior -

    The question is asking when extinction is most likely to occur.

    CS means conditioned stimulus.

    US means unconditioned stimulus.

    My best guess is that the answer is B.

  • dog behavior -

    B definitely is the answer.

    From my introductory psychology notes at

    Extinction is the reduction of the CR, when reinforcement (US) is not given for extended period.

    Your topic seems to be generally "conditioning" rather than "dog behavior." You might want to explore the notes on learning on my site for future questions.

    I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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