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Info. needed please

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Ms. Sue,

I have to do a journal entry of a subordinate group member.

subordinate groups: native americans, african americans, chinese american arab american, jewish american, cuban american, norwegian american etc.

I have to write a fictional first-person account of the creation and consequence situation of a subordinate group in the United States in the form of journal entry. Describe as if you were a member of that subordinate group, where the group originated, how it came to the United States where members of your group live. Be creative in your ficitonal descriptions, but accurate with your facts.

(please send me some info. that could help me write this journal. Thanks)

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    Please see my response to your post of last night.

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    Hi Ms. Sue,

    I was looking, but could not found it.


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    information needed please - Ms. Sue, Saturday, June 14, 2008 at 10:45am

    Since I have a good friend who is an immigrant from Korea, I suggest you choose Korean-Americans as your subordinate group. Remember that you have to make up a story about this person and write it as a journal or diary entry. You should write it as though you are this person.

    To get you started:

    Hee-Jin came from Seoul, South Korea, with her parents and younger brother when she was 10 years old. None of them knew any English. The parents decided to move here because they wanted the children to have an American education and learn to speak English.

    I hope you can imagine yourself as Hee-Jin and think about the problems you'd face as an immigrant and knowing no English.

    This site will give you some background information.

    information needed please - Ms. Sue, Saturday, June 14, 2008 at 11:31am

    Please post the first two or three sentences of your journal entry. I'd like to read them before you write much more than that.

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    I need help with this journal entry i just cant seem to get started im lost help me please!

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