Redox Titration questions!

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Oh goodness, I'm such a pain! I need some help with these! How do I calculate the percentage? How do I start it?

2. Imagine that you ran a similar titration using a different iron sample with 0.02 M KMnO4 as the titrant. Calculate the percent of iron in the sample if the sample weighed 0.67 grams, and the volume of the titrant used was 35.7 mL.

% of iron in sample:

3. Calculate the percent of iron in a 50.0 gram sample containing iron if 45.6 mL of 2.5 M KMnO4 titrant was used.

% of iron in sample:

4. Explain why an overshot endpoint is not a good titration.

The first two questions require me to look at some online interactive lab, but if I know how to do these, I'll be able to do those as well!

  • Redox Titration questions! -

    #1.I presume this is titrating Fe(II) to Fe(III).
    Write the equation and balance it.
    KMnO4 + 5Fe^+2 ==> 5Fe^+3 + Mn+2
    You should balance the remainder of the equation.
    mols KMnO4 used = M x L = ??

    Convert mols KMnO4 to mols Fe by using the coefficients in the balanced equation.
    mols Fe = mols KMnO4 x (5 mols Fe^+2/1 mol KMnO4) = ??

    Convert mols Fe to grams Fe.
    grams = mols Fe x molar mass Fe.

    Convert grams Fe to percent.
    percent Fe in sample = [grams Fe/mass sample]*100

    #2. Worked the same way.
    #3. You had the same question last night and I told you to think about it. You WANT to stop at the exact equivalence point. What would undershooting or overshooting the equivalence point mean?

  • Redox Titration questions! -

    Thank you! Oh, question 4 is fine, I just accidentally copied it with the rest of the questions- it's repeated in this assignment too. Okay, I'll try and get this!

  • Redox Titration questions! -

    Explain Why an overshot endpoint is not a good titration.?

  • Redox Titration questions! -

    Calculate the percent of iron in a 50.0 gram sample containing iron if 45.6 mL of 2.5 M KMnO4 titrant was used. Could you help me with solving this question? I'm confused.

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