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Pre Algebra

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Find the missing length, when the perimeter is 9x+11.

They give me 2 lengths:
2x+3 and 3x+1 how could I find the missing length x?

would I add 2x+3+3x+1? and then subtract the total by 9x+11?

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    Is your figure a triangle?
    Are the three sides 2x+3, 3x+1, and x ??

    If so, then

    2x+3 + 3x+1 + x = 9x+11
    6x - 9x = 11 - 4
    x = -7/3 ..... makes no sense

    OK, try something different.
    let the third side be y

    then 2x+3 + 3x+1 + y = 9x+11
    y = 9x-5x+11-4
    y = 4x+7

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    ohh, ok, thank you so much :)

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