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biology 20

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10 subjects consumed 8 cups of coffee within 1 hour. and 10 subjects consumed 8 cups of water in the same time period. The subjects were asked to collect and measure the amount of urine they produced.

a) what is the probable hypothesis or relationship being tested by this student?

b) Name three or more controls that should be in place in order to ensure that the experiment results are valid?

c)Predict the probable results? Explain

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    a) to see which of the two groups produce more or less urine.

    b) them same amount of subjects in each group, the same amount of liquid consummed. and at the same time.

    c) I think the subject drinking the water will produce more urine, than the coffe drinkers. But I am not sure why.

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    A hypothesis states the outcome the researcher expects. Your hypothesis is that water drinkers will produce more urine.

    For b, you may want to make sure that all subjects have emptied their bladders before starting the experiment. Also, what about the ages, sizes, and physical conditions of the subjects?

    You may want to check this article about diuretics.

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    the removal of urea is a critical function of the kidneys. Explain the origin of urea and the mechanism by which kdneys ensure its secretion.

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