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I wrote this wrong on my last post, it should have read,

On a graph, what is the slope of
(-2,0); (0,1)?

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    You can do this a couple of ways. Since slope is rise/run, you can plot the points then count up or down then back or forth to determine slope.
    A method that always works is plug your points into this formula (hopefully I can write it so you understand:))
    y (two) - y (one)/x (two) - x (one)
    Take the 2nd y point which is 1 and subtract the 1st y point which is 0
    Then, the sceond x point which is 0
    minus the 1st x point which is -2
    The numerator is therefore 1 - 0
    The denominator is 0 - (-2)
    The slope will be 1/2
    Hope you can understand!

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