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If you flipped a penny and a nickel, and rolled a die, what is the probability of:

a. getting at least one head on the coins and a 6 on the die?

b. getting a head on both coins and a 4 on the die ?

c. getting a head on both coins and a 3 or a 5 on the die?

d. getting a head on both coins with anything on the die?

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    A. 1/12
    b. 1/24
    c. 1/12
    d. 1/4

    I THINK these answers are correct, if this is for a major grade, ask somebody and compare my answers to theirs.

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    Another person had the exact same answers as you. This is for a major grade! Thank You!!

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    . P(at least one head) is the same as 1 - P(no heads). Now, P(no heads) = 1/2 * 1/2 = 1/4 so P(at least one head) = 3/4. P(6) = 1/6. The total is 3/4 * 1/6 = 1/8.

    actually for part a is it possible the answer could be 1/8?

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    Yes, the answer to (a) is 3/4 x 1/6 = 1/8

    3/4 is the probability of getting at least one head in two coin tosses.

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