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I need more ideas please help.

o Identification of the health/nutrition problem that will be targeted (poor eating habits/ lack of exercise).
o Four nutritional or physical exercise goals better eating habits, more exercise for myelf.) 2 more i need
o Actions taken to meet each goal
o Anticipated setbacks or difficulties and approaches for overcoming them
o Outcomes by which to measure success
o Evidence of the plan’s effectiveness in addressing the identified problem or need (My plan is to adjust my diet to a healthier for diet myself that is plausible enough that it will be initiated within the next 30 days and continued throughout my life).
o Evaluation of potential health risks that may develop if the plan is not implemented

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    In the second one, you can be more specific about "better eating habits." A healthy breakfast? Six or eight servings of fruit and vegetables a day? Cut your intake of sweets in half? How are you going to get more exercise? Running a mile every morning? Walking three miles three times a week? Playing tennis? Be specific.

    After you figure these out, I'm sure you can find ways of implementing in the rest of your assignment.

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