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Hi, I am doing a correspondence course and was wondering if the answers for my quiz were right, could you help please? My answers are identified by <>. I am aware that someone else has posted on this subject but posted wrong... I hope I did this correctly.

1. If this be error and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved.
These lines are an example of a/an

A. quatrain.
B. octet.

C. couplet.<my answer>

D. sestet.

2. The line "I wandered lonely as a cloud" is an example of

A. a metaphor.
B. a simile.<my answer>

C. a couplet.

D. alliteration.

3. In "Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day?" Shakespeare claims that the object of his sonnet will be immortal because

A. he'll always love her.
B. she's for all seasons.

C. she'll live on in his poem.<my answer>

D. she's like the summer's day.

4. Which one of the following sentences is an example of a metaphor?

A. I am a rock.
B. She eats like a bird.<my answer>

C. I'm as hungry as a wolf.

D. The breeze blew the branches back and forth.

5. The way Cowley uses the phrase "my own country" is an example of

A. simile.<my answer>
B. consonance.

C. repetition.

D. personification.

6. The phrase "mid-May" is an example of

A. assonance.
B. consonance.

C. alliteration.<my answer>

D. metaphor.

7. During the Romantic period, poets placed an emphasis on

A. discipline.
B. order.

C. hierarchy.

D. nature.<my answer>

8. Which one of the following words is an iamb?

A. Rachel
B. Alice

C. JoAnne<my answer>

D. Sally

9. The line "A tree whose hungry mouth is prest" is an example of iambic

A. trimeter.<my answer, but I really don't think this is right>
B. pentameter.

C. tetrameter.

D. dimeter.

10. What is the most probable reason that rhyme and repetition first found their ways into poems?

A. People wanted a beat they could dance to.
B. They were written for the upper class.<my answer>

C. Heroes in epics tended to talk that way.

D. The poems were easier to remember and pass on.

11. Which one of the poems you've read uses the words floats, fluttering, and dancing?

A. "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud"<my answer>
B. "Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds"

C. "Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day?"

D. "The Long Voyage"

12. Emphasizing the importance of order, law, discipline, and tradition is typical of _______ literature.

A. Romantic
B. Classical<my answer>

C. discursive

D. dramatic

13. Which one of the following phrases is an example of consonance?

A. From rest and sleep, which but thy pictures be.<my answer>
B. Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines

C. Drink to me only with thine eyes

D. River birch and upland beech

14. Which one of the poems you've read has the rhyme scheme AA BB CC . . . ?

A. "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud"
B. "Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds"

C. "The Long Voyage"

D. "Trees"<my answer p.97 of my text.>

15. "Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds" is an example of which type of poem?

A. Narrative
B. Discursive

C. Dramatic

D. Descriptive<my answer>

16. "Foam brightens like the dogwood now" is an example of

A. a simile.
B. a metaphor.<my answer>

C. alliteration.

D. consonance.

17. The rhyme scheme of Shakespeare' s sonnets is


C. ABBA CDDC EFFE GG.<my answer>


18. Who are the "fools" mentioned in the poem "Trees"?

A. Poets
B. Gods<my answer>

C. Trees

D. Robins

19. The repeated use of the "o" sound in "A host, of golden daffodils" is called

A. consonance.
B. assonance.

C. alliteration.

D. rhyme.<my answer>

20. A definition of formal poetry is verse that

A. sticks to certain traditional patterns.<my answer>
B. has no rhyme scheme.

C. uses figurative language.

D. is written in blank verse.

*Again, thank you for your time to all who may answer my question. :)*


  • Literature-Poetry -

    1. right
    2. right
    3. of those answers - right
    4. nope - look at the word "like"
    5. ( I don't know this poem)
    6. right
    7. right
    8. right
    9. a tree/ whose hun/ gry mouth/ is prest/
    10. Remember poetry was not written at first... but memorized.
    11. right
    12. right
    13.remember consonance is repetition of consonant sounds.
    16. again, look at the word like
    17. check again
    19. "host", "golden" "daffodils" - check again

  • Literature-Poetry -

    1. correct
    2. correct
    3. correct
    4. incorrect
    5. (can't tell without the whole work)
    6. correct
    7. correct
    8. correct
    9. incorrect - Count the syllables and then look up these terms at
    10. incorrect
    11. ??
    12. correct
    13. incorrect
    14. ??
    15. ??
    16. incorrect
    17. correct
    18. ??
    19. incorrect
    20. correct

    I'd have to look up each of those poems where there are ?? to see. I can get back to you one them in about two hours.

  • Literature-Poetry -

    11. correct

    14. correct

    15. incorrect

    18. incorrect; reread the next to last line.

  • Literature-Poetry -

    4. wrong
    15,16,17,18,19 all wrong i just took this test.

  • Literature-Poetry -

    please help me

  • Literature-Poetry -

    hokins use of seared bleared and smeared is an

  • Literature-Poetry -

    a villanelle is

  • Literature-Poetry -

    the form of the god's grandeur is that of

  • Literature-Poetry -

    which one of the following poem is an english sonnet?

  • Literature-Poetry -

    in death be not proud the speaker is addressing his words to?

  • Poetry, Part 1 -

    need help with examination number 0077900

  • cesbluit femic -

    azldnryqo iazxuevp lrguwtm zebcfjdy plwngkae zqxkd jmdiqo

  • Literature-Poetry -

    Here are the correct answers. I just took the test. 5/12/09.
    1. C
    2. B
    3. C
    4. A
    5. C
    6. C
    7. D
    8. C
    9. C
    10. D
    11. A
    12. B
    13. D
    14. D
    15. B
    16. A
    17. B
    18. A
    19. B
    20. A

  • Literature-Poetry -

    Ashley's answers are all right. Thanks! =)

  • Literature-Poetry -

    All of Ashley's answers are right.

  • Literature-Poetry -

    Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds" is an example of which type of poem

  • Literature-Poetry -

    scan this line from Conlys poem It hills . law within my reach

  • Literature-Poetry -

    poetry, part2

    hopkins's use of seared bleared and smeared is an example of

  • Literature-Poetry -

    I just took the test and ashley is absolutely correct. 100% I am glad I have this grade because tha world history exam killed my GPA average

  • Literature-Poetry -

    Ashley's answers are wrong I used them and got a really really low score. Only 6 answers were right. Last time I use this to double check my answers, if I would of stuck with my original answers I might have passed but I thought I was wrong cause everyone said Ashley's answers were 100% correct. DO NOT TRUST ANYONE ELSE SAYING ASHLEY'S ANSWERS ARE CORRECT!!!

  • Literature-Poetry -

    1c-2b-3c-4a-5c-6c-7d-8c-9c-10d-11a-12b-13d- 14d-15b-16a-17b-18a-19a-20a

  • Literature-Poetry -

    1. C
    2. B
    3. C
    4. A
    5. C
    6. C
    7. D
    8. C
    9. C
    10 D
    11. A
    12. B
    13. D
    14. D
    15. B
    16. A
    17. B
    18. A
    19. B
    20. A

  • Literature-Poetry -

    yupp, that's all correct.(:
    100% Babyy!!<3

  • Literature-Poetry -

    Ashley is right! And so is Country girl! 100% the only one i missed was 5 and that's because I accidentally put A instead of C

  • Literature-Poetry -

    all my answers is correct too

  • Literature-Poetry -

    1. B Correct
    2. A Correct
    3. B C STUDY GUID 88-93
    4. B Correct
    5. A Correct
    6. B Correct
    7. D A STUDY GUIDE 95
    8. B Correct
    9. C Correct
    10. D B STUDY GUIDE 86-87
    11. A Correct
    12. B Correct
    13. D Correct
    14. A Correct
    15. A D STUDY GUID 86-88
    16. C B STUDY GUID 89-93
    17. C Correct
    18. A Correct
    19. A Correct
    20. B Correct

  • Literature-Poetry -

    Student, Ashley's answers were probably correct, but Penn Foster will switch around the answers sometimes. Meaning, if you put in Ashley's same letters like "A" "B" "C" the correct answers when you take the test might be "B" "D" "A".
    Hope this helps you. :)

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