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I have done a acid & base titration lab, with 0.1M vinegar (with unknown %tage acid) and 0.1 NaOH...I think the result came out ok, in avg, 25.21mL of NaOH have titrated w/ 30.0mL unknown %tage acid of vinegar.

all I am given is Density of vinegar= 1.00g/mL and Percentage composition = [(mass solute)/ (mass solution)] x100...yet I still cannot understand how to join these two questions to get a clear answer.

please help... this lab is due tomorrow and i have to go away tonight for school varsity matters..

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    So what's the question? If you know the density of vinegar and its percent composition, why do you need to titrate it? And you need the molarity of the NaOH for the titration to mean anything? Perhaps its 0.1 M NaOH and you just omitted the M.

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    yes, it is 0.1M NaOH,,, I am really stuck on this lab because I still cannot understand much of it..

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