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a college football pennant is in the shape of an isosceles traingle . the base is 20 long the sides meet at an angle of 35 long are the sides?

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    The two equal base angles are (1/2)(180-35) = 72.5 degrees.

    Consider the right triangle formed by the midpoint of the base, the tip of the pennant, and one long side. Let the long side length be x.

    10/x = cos 72.5 = 0.301

    Solve for x

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    Two surveyors are on opposites sides of a swamp. To find the distance between them, one surveyor locates a point T that is 200 meters from her location at pont p. The angle of sight from T to the other surveyor's position, R, measure 72 degrees for angle RPT and 63 degrees for angle PTR. how far apart are the surveyors?

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