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3) Find the capacity in gallons of a drum that is cone-shaped if the radius is 9 feet, and the slant height is 41 feet. (first find the volume)

Volume in cubic feet = cubic feet

Capacity in gallons = gallons (Round answer to the nearest gallon) (Use 1 cu ft = 7.48 gallons)

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    The height of the cone can be obtained from the Pythagorean relationship:

    h^2 = 41^2 - 9^2 = 1600
    h = 40 ft

    Volume = (1/3) pi r^2 h = 3393 ft^3 = 25,379 gallons

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    you did 40 ft not 41 i got 3475 ft^3 but i don't know how you found gallons

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    40 ft is the true cone height from bottom to top. The slant height is measured along the slope.

    I converted to gallons using the conversion factor that was provided by you.
    (Use 1 cu ft = 7.48 gallons)

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