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Pre Calculus

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Can someone help me with this problem...I have no Idea how to do it.
Find the area between each curve and the x-axis for the given interval.

y=16x-x^3 from x=0 to x=4
Thanks for the help>>

  • Pre Calculus -

    A quick analysis and sketch of the curve will show x-intercepts at -4,0, and 4
    Since you want the area from 0 to 4, it will be the region above the x-axis.

    area =
    ⌠ 16x - x^3 dx from 0 to 4

    = [8x^2 - 1/4x^4] from 0 to 4
    = (8(16) - 1/4(256)) - 0
    = 128-64
    = 64

    I find your statement "..I have no Idea how to do it" rather puzzling. This is a routine and quite simple problem in this topic, if you are studying Calculus

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