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I tried doing this problem, but I have no idea how to do it, can someone show me how to get it done. Thanks.

Evaluate the indefinate integral


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    Add the separate integrals of the two terms.
    The integral of x^4 dx is x^5/5.
    The integral of -6 x dx is -6*(1/2)x^2 = -3x^2.
    Add an arbitrary constant C to the sum.

    (x^5)/5 - 3 x^2 + C

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    Wait, is that the answer

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    an would it be (x^5/5) or is the whole rest besides the C on the bottom.

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    The answer is the last line I wrote

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    I know, but I don't see what you mean
    Is 5-3x^2 all under x^5

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    No. 3x^2 and C are separate additive terms. As I said in the beginning, you add the integrals of each term.

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    so, the answer would be like this


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