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Lucas's party is tomorrow. Complete the text below, by choosing and correctly conjugating the correct verb in the box.
Verbs: traer, dar,salir,decir,and venir.
1. Lucas y su familia------------ una fiesta esta tarde.
2. Yo------------ de muy lejos para esta fiesta. Mi hermana y yo(3)-------------- muchos regalos para Lucas y su familia. Ellos (4)------------ que nosotros somos parte de la familia. Mi hermano y yo (5)-------------- en el autobus de esta tarde.

Exactly what endings would I use for these verbs. And If it's not to much to ask..... can you please start me off? I have to finish today. Thanks

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum.

    #1 from the ch oices you have, dar is the only choice (This afternoon gives you the cue.) Either "they are giving" or "they will give..." Present or Future, your choice.

    #2. If you can translate what you see there, again there is only one choice: venir. Either I am coming (Present) or I will come (Future.) Your ch oice.

    #3: traer. Either we are bringing, or we will bring.

    #4. decir. To make it easy, stick with the present.

    #5. The verb is salir. Again, Present or Future BUT it is "my sister and I" so the verb will be plural.

    Now you should be able to do them. Feel free to repost after you have done them, but I may not be back until tomorrow a.m.


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