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Good evening
Could you please check if i have written these sentences corretly into french. Thank a billion.

1 I will feel very sad and lonely in the dungeon. I would miss the outdoors, friends and my family.
(Je me sentirai très triste et seul dans le cachot. Je m'ennuierais de l'extérieur, des amis et ma famille)
2. Yes, I would want to escape from the prison because I will become so bored and tired of the same thing everyday it will drive me crazy. I would try to escape after 5 years.
( Oui, je voudrais m'échapper de la prison parce que je deviendrai ainsi alésé et fatigué de la même chose journalière elle me conduira fou. J'essayerais de m'échapper après 5 ans.)

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. You "just" caught me as I was ready to shut down!

    1. et seule (if you a re feminine) Add another "de ma famille."

    2. instead of "ainsi = thus" just "si"
    Watch ALL adjectives if they refer to you and you are feminine! aléser is to "bore" a hole! to be bored = ennuyée / fatiguée / to avoid a run-on sentence, ; (semicolon) after "journalière ; elle me rendra folle! (conduire is like to drive a car)


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