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can someone please help me fast before midnight.
a)I need the correlation between x and y
b)slope of linear regression
c)y intercept of linear regression for the points

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    Your first 4 points follow a nice linear relation, the last point does not fit the pattern, perhaps you made a typo.

    taking any two of the first two points gives us a slope of -2

    using y = mx + b gives us y = -2x + b
    sub in any point, e.g. (1,8)

    8 = -2(1) + b
    b = 10

    a) the correlation between x and y is
    y = -2x + 10

    b) slope = -2

    c) y intercept is 10

    (your last point given (5,5) should have been (5,0) making it the x-intercept)

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