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Calculate the pH of a [Acid] M aqueous solution of each of the hydrochloric and acetic acids:
Acid [Acid] pH
HCl 0.10
HC2H3O2 0.10

I know that HCl is just -log(0.10) which is 1, but can't get the pH of HC2H3O2.

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    You need the molarity.
    pH = -log(H^+)

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    1, 2,87

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    i'm doing this problem too =)

    Molarity for both hydrochloric and acetic acids are 0.10. For hydrochloric acid, i used the formula: pH = -log (0.10) = 1.
    But should we do something else for acetic acid? because its pH is not 1.

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    never mind, I found out how to do this =)
    (the post above was me by the way).
    set up I.C.E. table for the equilibrium expression. Since we know that Ka value for acetic acid is about 1.76 x 10^-5, we can solve for x (which is [H+] in this case).
    Ka = x^2 / 0.10 - x => approximation: 1.76 x 10^-5 = X^2 / 0.10. Solve for x. Then use pH = -log [H+] to find pH of acetic acid =).

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