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Hexane is a hydrocarbon (a molecule containing only carbon and hydrogen) with a molecular weight of 86.18 g/mol,
a density of 0.660 g/mL, and a boiling point of 69C.

Pentanol is an alcohol (a hydrocarbon with a "OH" group attached to one of its carbons) with a molecular weight of
88.15 g/mol, a density of 0.814 g/mL, and a boiling point of 137C.

Calculate the volumes if 4.00 moles of each chemical is present.
Hexane: mL

Pentanol: mL
Think about this for the experiment you will perform in lab this week: You calculated the above volumes from the same number of molecules (moles). Why did you end up with two different volumes? The answer goes beyond the differences in the formula weights and densities.

  • chemistry -

    mass = volume x density
    mols = grams/molar mass. You know mols and molar mass; calculate grams, then substitute grams (for mass) in volume x density. You know density. Calculate volume.
    I will leave the thought part to you. Think about it.

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