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Chemistry HW Help!

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I really need help with the following question....

What is the volume, in liters, of 0.250 mol of hydrogen gas at 20 °C and 0.974 atm pressure?

I also would like to let you know that
before you can put the numbers into an equation and solve for the volume, you need to convert 20 °C to Kelvins. T = 20°C + 273 = a blank box with a K next to the box.

Also what would be the formula used to solve volume for this problem?

After you have plug in the data of the above question what do you get? Don't forget to round the answer by the hundredths place.

  • Chemistry HW Help! -

    PV = nRT.
    T is in Kelvin, R is 0.08206 L*atm/mol*K, V is liters and P is in atmospheres. n is the number of mols.
    This looks like a problem I saw yesterday. Post your work if you want to check your answer.

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