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Which of the following is NOT true about the blank for the experiment, 'Analysis of a Complex Iron Salt'?

A. A blank is composed of the solvent used to dissolve the analyte. For this experiment, the solvent is a combination of sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, and water.
B. A blank is titrated to correct for any reactive impurities in the solvent. For this experiment, the impurities would be reducing agents that would react with KMnO4 (mimicking the behavior of C2O42– ).
C. The volume required to titrate the blank is subtracted from the volume used to titrate the analyte solution to give the "corrected volume".
D. The blank for this experiment must have 100 % transmittance if placed in a spectrometer (Spec 20).
E. All of these are true.

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    It would help if we knew the experiment you were dong and how you were doing it. I suspect the answer is D. Blanks need not be 100% in almost any analysis with the Spec 20.

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    yes it is D. I tried it and it was correct.

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