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This isnt really homework, but I kinda need to know this...

How do you know when to use Est-ce que As-tu or tu as

So this is what it says on my sheet thing...

3 different ways to ask questions, plus how to respond to questions

1. Inversion : Tu as un chien?
2. Est-ce que : Est-ce que tu as un chien?
3. Intonation : As-tu un chien?

I know this quetion thing i posted is kind of a big mess... Help me plz


  • French -

    tu as un chien?? when you speak french
    as-tu un chien? and est-ce que tu as un chien? when you write french

  • French -

    To clarify the 3 ways to ask a question:

    1. Inversion = As-tu un chien?
    2. Begin with "est-ce que(qu')" = Est-ce que tu as un cien ?
    3. Intonation = Tu as un chien ?


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