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-3ln l-2xl/5+2x
Please help.
this shouldl read
-3ln abs -2x over 5+2x

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    So what do you need? the derivative?

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    The question reads:
    find the derivative of the function y

    I've completed several of these and keep coming up with the wrong answer...if you can complete it, and have time, please show as much as you can, so I can see what I am doing wrong. Thanks for the reply.

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    -3ln l-2xl/5+2x
    Please help.
    this shouldl read
    -3ln abs -2x over 5+2x
    If I assume the derivative is desired and we are talking about:
    -3 ln | -2x |
    (5 + 2 x)

    there is no such thing as ln of a negative number, so the only effect of the absolute value is to make this work for negative as well as positive x. Do the problem for 2x

    bottom*derivative of top - top*derivative of bottom
    bottom squared

    (5+2x)(-3*2/2x) + 3 ln 2x * 2
    25 +20 x + 4 x^2

    -15/x - 6 + 6 ln 2x
    25+20x + 4 x^2

    -15 - 6x + 6 x ln 2x
    25 x + 20 x^2 + 4 x^3

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    Oh, and call x the absolute value |x| because we are doing this for the absolute value of x

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    Thanks Damon....that problem was wrong should have been a negative absolute. that has been my problem all along....I wanted to be sure that my formula and math was correct....and you confirmed that for me. Thanks...I guess I will have to settle for a 90...cause I have a whole nother chapter to complete by April 30th.

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