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This is so infuriating I have swapped the split on my debate and now
"sob" I have to start all over again
Could some one please give me some info on the Americanization of Australia internationally?

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    What do you mean -- the Americanization of Australia internationally? It seems to me that the Americanization of Australia takes place within Australia.

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    That is true, what I mean is in areas such as military how are we becoming americanized. What I need has to ber exempt from fashion movies takeaways and culture. I need the things that go on with the world not here at home in australia

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    I don't see how Australia's involvement in the world has anything to do with the Americanization of Australia.

    However -- this site discusses Australia's and other nation's participation in the Iraq War.

    Check this site for details about Australia's exports and imports in the Economy section. The Transnational section should also help you.

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