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psy - revised

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-Psychodynamic Theory
-Trait Theory
-Learning Theory
-Humanistic Theory

B. Popular theorist Eysenck initiated the five-factor model.
Ans: Trait theory

e. Popular theorists include Maslow and Rogers.
Ans: Humanistic Theory

d. Genetics determine the traits for a healthy personality, but how those traits are expressed are influenced by learning experiences, development of skills, and the ability to choose our own actions.
Ans: Trait theory

j. Personality is characterized by a struggle between different elements within an individual's personality. Behavior, thoughts, and emotions are the result of this inner struggle.

Ans:psychodynamci theory

  • psy - revised -

    For d -- doesn't "influenced by learning experiences . . ." give you a clue?

    The others are right.

    I'm sorry, Rose, that you had such a hard time with this assignment. Knowing these basic theories and what they involve are the building blocks of studying psychology. Matching these five theories with 10 descriptions shouldn't have taken you more than 5 or 10 minutes.

    I suggest that if your text materials are online, that you print them and read them very carefully. Find a place where you can study without distractions. Highlight important points. Then write notes on each theory in a notebook. If there are words you don't understand, look them up in a dictionary.

  • psy - revised -

    I would just like to say that i also have that answer for D because the chapter that we had to read says those exact words for The Healthy Personality - Trait Theory

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