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Sucrose is commonly known as table sugar. The formula is C12H22O11. You burn 7.29 grams of sucrose in a bomb calorimeter. The temperature of the calorimeter and the water in it rises from 23.24 degrees celsius to 29.77 degrees celsius. The bomb's heat capacity had been determined to be 6.35 kJ/degrees celsius. There is 1400 grams of water in the calorimeter. Find the heat of combustion of sucrose in both kJ/gram and kJ/mole.

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    q to heat water from 23.24 to 29.77 =
    mass H2O x specific heat H2O x delta T = xx J. Change to kJ.

    q2 to heat calorimeter = 6.35 x delta T = yy kJ.

    Add xx kJ + yy kJ to obtain total heat produced by 7.02 g sucrose. That gives you zz kJ/7.02 g. Convert to kJ/g and to kJ/mol. Post your work if you need more help.

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