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I do not understand how to figure out my problem below and can not find an example in my book. Can someone give me a suggestion on how I can arrive at my answer.


Write a system of inequalities whose solution set is the region shown.


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    Hard to say without seeing the graph.
    If for example the domain between -4 and + 4 is shown with big black dots at the end, then your answer would be :
    -4 </= x </= +4
    If it was from -5 to +7 then:
    -5</= x </= +7
    If it is outside the domain from -4 to +4 (to the left of -4 and to the right of +4 ) then
    etc etc etc

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    I need to do the shaded area which starts at (3,-1) and continues to expand negatively. (3,1) is the start(like the start of a neck tie) and expands to the end of the tie growing each section.

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    I have
    one line on the y axis runs through (0,5), slope down 2 over 1. Other line goes through y axis at (0,2) or on x axis at (2,0) with slope down 2 over 3.

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    i am in the 5th grade my question is write each number in two other forms, 10+ 4+ 0.05

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