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I need a little guidance answering this folowing multiple choice question please:

______ is the term used to describe a company that does NOT offer its services on the internet?

a. offline business
b. brick-and-mortar
c. click-and-mortar
d. e-business
e. web community

I am torn between A)offline business and B) brick and mortar.

To me a brick a brick and mortar is a regular store like Target but since they have a website it becomes a click and mortar but I am not positive. So I would think the answer is offline business...but then again a brick and mortar is just a store to...I'm really confused.

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    I believe it would be A) offline business. As I understand this term, it is a business that does not have a website -- which much be pretty rare these days.

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    The answer is actually brick-and-mortar, not offline business

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