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Posted by lauren on Thursday, April 17, 2008 at 8:45pm in response to ALGEBRA.

the problem is 92 is greater than or equal to negative 4p.

why is the answer p is greater than or equal to negative 23?

I am confused! why is it not p is less than or equal to negative 23?

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    92 >/= -4 p

    divide both sides by -4

    When you multiply or divide both sides of an inequality by a NEGATIVE quantity, you CHANGE the DIRECTION of the arrow

    -23 </= p

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    Thanks for the help. Let me see if I get it now. So,

    -2x < -4

    divide both sides by -2

    answer is x > 2

    I had x < 2, but I reverse the sign since I divided by a -2 on both sides, correct?

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    thank you so much!!! i need that help to finish my homework!!!!

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