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A ray of light stikes a flat 2 cm thick block of ice (n=1.5) at an angle of 45 degrees. Refracted ray travels through the glass and then is refracted back to air at the opposite side of the block. Find the angles of incident and refraction at each surface.

Snell's law states that:
(sin theda 1/ sin theda 2) = (n2/n1)
sin 45 / sin theda 2 = 1.5/1
arcsin(.707/1.5)= theda 2
=28 degrees
This is the angle of refraction. Would this completely answer the question. What does it mean by "at each surface"? The front and back of the glass? also isn't angle of incidence given as 45 degrees so i don't have to answer that question do i?

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    i = 38° and r =65°

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