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Accounting- Help Please

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Accounting Help-Preparing and posting journal entries; and preparing a trial balance.?
Shelton Engineering completed the following transaction in the month of June.
Received a bill for rent of equipment that was used on a recently completed job. The 1,200 rent must be paid within 30 days.

Collected 7,200 cash in partial payment from the client described in transaction (g)
transaction (G)- Completed 12,000 of engineering services for a client . This amount is to be received in 30 days.
Paid 1,500 cash for wages to a drafting assistant
Paid 2,250 cash to settle the account payable created in transaction (h)
Transaction (H)- Purchased 2,250 of additional office equipment on credit.
Paid 675 cash for minor repairs to the drafting equipment
Shelton withdrew 9,360 cash for personal use
Paid 1,500 cash for wages to a drafting assistant
Paid 3,000 cash for advertisement in the local newspaper during June.

  • Accounting- Help Please -

    It looks like you have the same homework as I do. Firt, ask your instructor for the Excel Templlates (Master Templates) for accounting.

    These should consist of a general journal, trial balance, worksheet, T-accounts, general ledger and more. In one of your chapters there is an example of which items (i.e. assets, liabilities, equity, revenue, and expenses) should be credited or debited.

    Post those to the general journal,then the T-accounts, then the trial balance. Examples should be given within your chapter, as well. I just referenced off of those examplles given.

    Hope this helps!

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