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I have two questions. If I get these right, I think I know how to do the rest.
1. "George's father feels happy." Is "feels" a linking verb or an action verb? It seems like it is a linking verb.
2. "People pay ten times as much for sugar." Is the verb "pay" singular?

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    # 1. You're right -- "feels" is a linking verb.

    # 2. No -- "pay" is plural.

    Think of it this way --

    He pays a lot for his shoes. (Singular)
    They pay a lot for their shoes. (Plural)

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    So if the subject is plural, the verb is plural? And if the subject is singular, the verb is singular?

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    I am still struggling with this singular/plural verb assignment. I would like to tell you the directions on the sheet, type the sentences, and tell you what my brain is thinking.
    Add s or es to most present-tense verbs when the subject is he, she, it, or a singular noun. Write the present tense verb in each sentence. Then write whether the verb is singular or plural.
    Everything costs more nowadays.
    My brain: "Everything" means more than one, so the verb "costs" is plural.
    People pay ten times as much for sugar.
    My brain: "People" means more than one, so pay is a plural verb. But that kind of confuses me because the previous sentence had a verb that ended in "s" and pay doesn't end in s. Does ending in s have anything to do with whether or not a verb is singular or plural?
    They ride in cars to go to the next town.
    My brain: They means more than one, so ride is a plural verb.
    A trip by car takes only a few minutes.
    My brain: It is only one trip so the verb is singular even though it ends in s.
    Ahhh. I don't know why this is so difficult.

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    Your thinking on these sentences is excellent. Only singular verbs end in "s." Try using "he" or "they" as subjects when you get confused.

    The problem is that a few of our pronouns are confusing as to whether they are singular or plural.

    "Everything" is considered singular. So the plural verb "costs" is correct.

    This site may help you.

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    To answer you last question, Lisa, yes.

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