6th grade math word problem

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Mrs. Silva has 24 lillies to arrange in equal rows. Name all the
possible of number of lillies she could have in each row.

  • 6th grade math word problem -

    1 row to 24
    2 rows of 12
    3 rows of 8
    4 rows of 6
    24 rows of 1
    12 rows of 2
    8 rows of 3
    6 rows of 4

  • 6th grade math word problem -

    The answer to this is......
    31 find the number in the middle. If you have 2 #s in the middle, you addthe 2 #s and divide by 2. The anwer is.... find out yourself. I already told you how. remember also to put the #s in order.



  • 6th grade math word problem -

    any multiple of 24

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