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chem 203

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When 1.05 mol of br2 is placed in a .950L flask, 1.20% of Br2 undergoes dissociation. Calculate the equilibrium constant Kc, for this reaction. Use ICE table.

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    Br2 ==> 2Br
    1.05 mol/0.950 L = ?? M

    Kc = (Br)^2/(Br2)

    Initial concns:
    (Br2) = ?? M
    (Br) = 0

    chenge in concn:
    (Br) = +2x Fill in after doing equilib.
    (Br2) = ??-x Fill after doing equilib.

    equilibrium concns:
    (Br) = 0.012*2*??
    (Br2) = ??*(1-0.012)

    Substitute into Kc expression above and solve for Kc.
    Since you have asked specifically for the ICE chart, you can complete that part of the chart after determining the concns at equilibrium. Check my thinking. Check my work. Post your work if you get stuck.

  • chem 203 -

    That didn't help :(

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