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My class is doing a project on baseball using the 5 themes of goegraphy and I can't figure these questions out. Please help!

1. Why was that particularsite chosen to build the Wrigley stadium?

2. Have people needed to adjust to the climate because of too much/too little rain, snow, sun, and temperature, ane how has this affected the design of Wrigley field?

3. Is there a natural resource in the area that has been beneficial or detrimental to the people who live in Chicago?

4. How has Wrigley affected transportation?

5. How has Wrigley affected the city's economy?

6. How do the Cubs travel to other cities to play?

7. What is the shortest distance the Cubs have to travel to play a game?

8. What materials were used to build Wrigley?Did they come from an outside area?

9. What foods are sold at Wrigley and where could they have been shipped from?

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