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Solid borax dissolves in water according to the equation:
Na2B4O7 10H2O(s) 2Na+ (aq) + B4O5(OH)42–(aq) + 8H2O(l)
The sign of Ssys will be

A. positive
B. negative

because there are

A. more
B. less
moles of products generated.
i've tried solving this problem and i think its negative and more. im i right?

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    it's positive and more. haha i go to irvine too.

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    thanks. sorry i go to ucla.hahaha

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    i go to irvine and this was bomb =]

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    irvine! whaaaddup!

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    irvine yeayuhhhh

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    thank you! Irvine is bomb Chem 1C is a bummer lol

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    yeeeee irvine

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    Woohoooo webworks!!

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    yeee yeee!

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    jp...thanks a uci student too...waddup vdc norte...

    shout out to the homies at ucla...way to woop those longhorns

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    IRVINE 2012!!!

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