math: percent and fractions

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Can you give me two examples of two realistic percent problems in which the percents are actually nice fractions and the numbers involved are compatible with the fractions.
One problem should as for the part, given the whole and the percent. And the other problem should ask for the percent given the whole and the part.

I just need some examples ... so I can have an idea as to how to set-up the other problems.

Thanks a alot

  • math: percent and fractions -

    What are "nice" fractions?

    The problems?

    If a shirt was originally marked $30 and the store is offering 20% off, how much money will you save if you buy it?

    If you invest $1,000 and earn %50 on it in one year, what is the percent interest you've earned?

  • math: percent and fractions -

    I read that nice fraction were like 1/2, 1/3,etc

  • math: percent and fractions -

    40% of jennies friends play kickball on weekends,what fraction of her friends don't play kickball

  • math: percent and fractions -

    If 6eggs in 50% of an egg crate how many eggs are in the whole

  • math: percent and fractions -

    When writing a percent as a decimal,why do you move the decimal point 2places

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