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I was thinking about how clubs get started in college in the first place. For example there is a club for different ethinicities. How do these become "clubs"? I would think someone would have to take an interest in specific things first of all. But is this enough for a club to start?

I for example, enjoy photography and I think that it would be great for a photo club to be started. In college however, I know that it is not as easy to start a club in college as it is to do in hs or grade school.

But 2 issues are at hand.
1. I'm not sure where I would go to even give people an idea as to a club focused on photography
2. I'm not sure if I'm good enough in photography to even have the "status" to actually start a club. (I would think that you have to be very good at photography to do this) I use a nikon d40x dslr. I was thinking of getting anyone's opinion as to If it's good (my pics)=> if you have time to check it out and delete the spaces (-) to get there than by all means please do.

note:(just want to see what others think of my pics and if It would allow me to actually approach whomever it might apply to to start a club of this type)

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    Talk to your department head to see who is in charge of clubs and how to get one . started. At my school several years ago we wanted to start a ham club and it happened the dean of students was the person we cleared everything with. Later, as the university grew in size, the chemistry department wanted to start a chemistry club. Some active members of the department (students) talked to one of the profs to ask if he would act as aponsor. He agreed and lo and behold, one was started. No one to clear it with or anything. And it stuck. So talk to someone in administration to see if there are rules to follow in starting a club. Go with the flow. And no, I don't think one's ability to take good photographs is necessary for starting a club. I think an interest is all that is required. But you need someone in the club who is willing to spend the time to get it organized, act as chairman of the club, get speakers, and that kind of thing. I didn't view the link you set up. I hope there is nothing there that would identify you. If there is, I assume one of the tutors will delete the post since my deletion system is broken.

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    Dr.Bob - one note => I'm not that stupid to put anything about me on there. My first name is there but even you know what that is. (all that is there is pictures of lots and lots of animals)
    I created that site to be annonymous. Unless someone thinks I look like a snow leopard I'm pretty safe. (internet is a dangerous place)
    I'm guessing I should copy and paste what you said then if it will get deleted. lol. I guess I will have to find someone to organize then. Not sure who though, since it's not like anyone will say "oh by the way I love photography". (have to post some random questions on professors then.)

    when you say ham mean ham the food?

    We do have a FOS club but they hold their meetings at random hours just to accomadate themselves (their lab hours=> upper students) which is unfair, so untill they leave, and have regular meetings it is pointless to join.

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    Oh and I forgot to say Thanks for the advice on how to go about starting a club, Dr.Bob.

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    If anyone is thinking that there is something about me on that site (thus thinking of deleting this post above that I started) that I created just to show my animal photogrpahy (I should have been more specific about that-> the thing is that I don't like taking pictures of people or buildings but rather of animals and nature, sky.)


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    Glad to hear there is no identifying information in that post. A ham is a radio nut, as in ham radio. Amateur radio operator. My first transmitter cost $3.16 (for parts--but that was 1947 prices), I built it myself, it had an input of between 3 and 5 watts (on a good day--that's input, not output), and I talked (as in international Morse code I talked) to 38 states in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. That was 60 years ago this coming May.

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    Oh, ham radio! Initially I imagined people having a club where they sliced and ate ham and I could only think of so many types of ham.XD

    I guess everyone has a hobby or two. I actually have many other hobbies like knitting, drawing, and painting.

    Wow Morse code. Interesting, what a hobby. Did you randomly speak to people or did you know them before you "talked" in morse code?
    I assume you don't still have your ham radio? =D
    Or were you discussing chem over the states lol.

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    Of course I still have my ham license. I talked with thousands of people through the years. Some I became good friends with and some were just one time chats. We had emergency coordinators and until cell phones became popular these were good forms of communication. I had one in my car as well as one at home. Great help navigating through a new town. The local hams could tell us which streets to take to avoid the traffic. At least one (there may be more) of the other tutors on this board is a ham radio operator too. I received my first license in May 1947 so that is 60 years ago this coming May. Cell phones have taken some of the glory out of the ham operator business. Many hurricanes and many tornadoes (and other weather related events such as flooding) used ham radio operators as the ONLY form of communication into and out of stricken areas in the old days. With the advent of more modern technology, the ham radio business in emergencies has faded somewhat but the local club still responds when asked. In real time emergencies, usually, the stricken area can use all the help it can get. Finally, we had a lot of fun as kids on a "fox" hunt. Someone (with the ham radio) would play the fox and everyone else would try to find the fox. Of course we built direction finding equipment, drove to one hill and took a fix. Drove across town to another hill and took another fix. Drew two lines and the fox was where the lines intersected. Now we don't have that kind of fun. GPS equipment spoils all that fun. But we kept off the streets and learned a lot.

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    Never knew you needed a license to use a ham radio.
    quite interesting.

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