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I need help with this problem:

The bearing from the Pine Knob fire tower to the Colt Station fire tower is N 65 degrees E, and the two towers are 30 kilometers apart. A fire spotted by rangers in each tower has a bearing of N 80 degrees E from Pine Knob and S 70 degrees E from Colt Station. Find the distance of the fire from each tower.

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    Solve the triangle formed by the Pine Knob fire tower (A), The Colt fire tower (B) and the fire (C). Put A at the origin. Draw yourself a graph. From the bearings given, you can determine all three angles of the tringle. (You should find that angle A is 15 degrees, for example). You also know the length of one side (c = 30 km). Use the law of sines to get the other two sides.

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