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Is the dissolution of borax in water a temperature dependent reaction or is it spontaneous at all temperatures at which water is liquid?

I think its spontaneous at all temperatures when water is liquid because borax is a polar compound.

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    ethanol is nonpolar while DNA is polar and in the saying "like disolves like" the same applies here. So DNA is soluble in water because it is polar.

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    sorry but I posted the answer to another question here above.

    an answer to your question Danny is that it is temperature dependent since I looked it up and the

    0 deg C => 1.99 % by weight in sat solution

    100deg C=> 65.64# by weight in sat solution

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    I'm not sure how to answer your question. Borax dissolves in water; however, the solubility varies with temperature.

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    so its not spontaneous at room temperature?

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    the word "spontaneous" would imply that it spontaneously soluble at room temperature but you need a solvent such as water.To me it doesn't make sense to say it's "spontaneous"ly soluble at room temperature.

    (saying something spontaneously combusts is the way I would use the word spontaneous but I don't feel it is applicable to a rxn of dissolving borax)

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