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If the stockroom fails to dry the KHP to remove the waters of hydration, the student's calculated concentration
for the standardized base will be

(low, high, or unaffected)
A drop of NaOH is hanging from the buret tip before the titration of KHP. Once the student begins the titration that drop falls into the KHP solution. The calculated concentration for the standardized base wil be
(low, high, or unaffected)

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    mols KHP = grams/molar mass
    M base = mols KHP/L base.

    If the KHP is wet, the mass of the KHP weighed will be too low (because some of the mass is water). of grams is too low in equation 1, then mols is too low. If mols is too low in equation 2, then M base is too low.

    Assuming the buret reading is 0.00 at the beginning AND there is a drop of NaOH hanging on the tip of the buret, then the buret reading will be too low when the end point is reached. L base too low in equation 2 will give high results for molarity of NaOH.

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