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Good day to everyone

My class has just started a "Chemistry systems in Equilibrium" unit and I have a question I would like answered if possible, I would truly appreciate this.

My Question: How will the following system change when F2(g) is added to a sealed vessel containing the following equilibrium:

Br2(g) + 5F2(g)----> 2 BrF5

Thank you again

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    Have you read anything about Le Chatelier's Principle. That principle states that when a system in equilibrium is subjected to a stress, the system will react (shift equilibrium) in such a way so as to remove the stress. So what do we have? We have a system in equilibrium. We add extra F2. The system is now stressed, it will shift its equilibrium to try to remove (undo) the stress. How can it do that? By trying to remove F2 from the system. The system can't open up a sealed vessel and spit out the excess F2, BUT it can shift its equilibrium so as to use up F2. So Some Br2 will react with the extra F2 to creat more BrF5, thus removing some of the F2 that has been causing the trouble. Do you understand? The Principle is very important in chemistry. It's important that you understand how it works.

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    Given the follwoing solubilities, calculate the value of the Ksp for each compound:
    b) Zinc carbonate, 3.87 x 10 - 6 mol/L

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    You should not piggy back one question onto another. They get lost in the shuffle OR we may not come back to look at your reponses.
    ZnCO3 ==> Zn^+ + CO3^=
    (ZnCO3) = Solubility = 3.87 x 10^-6 M
    Ksp = (Zn^+2)(CO3^=).
    Plug in the solubility from the problem and calculate Ksp.
    Post your work if you get stuck but start a new question and copy this work to that new post.

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