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Can someone solve this integral for me? My calculator just gives me a decimal approximation but I need an exact number. Thanks! :)

pi[{3ln(3)^2 - 6ln (3) + 6} - {ln(1)^2 - 2 ln(1) + 2}]

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    That does not look like a function to be integrated. It looks like a number to be calculated. You can start out simplifying it by recognizing that
    ln(1) = 0.

    When you write ln(3)^2, do you mean
    [ln(3)]^2 or ln[3^2]? They are not the same. I will assume the latter.

    ln [3^2] = 2 ln 3, so
    3 ln[(3)^2] - 6ln (3) = 0

    That leaves you with pi (6 - 4) = 2 pi

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    I'm confused. When I wrote it out by hand, I got:

    ð(ln(93)-ln(36)+6)- 2 (since ln(1)=0)

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    the weird symbol is pi

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    and that 93 is 9^3

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    and that 36 is 3^6

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