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I'm stumped... I've gone through my book three times now and can't find this information. Can someone please help me?
Which of the following is true of a voidable contract?
A: It's valid to only one party.
B: It's good for only a short period of time.
C: It's based on a oral agreement.
D: It has been rejected by both parties.

and the next one is
Suppose "C" agrees to sell his house to "D" if "D" accepts in 48 Hours. What happens if 48 hours passes and "D" hasn't accepted?
A: The time limit is extended for another day.
B: The time limit is extended indefinitely
C: "C" may sell his house to someone else.
D: "C" may no longer sell his house to "D"

On this one I believe it's C.

Thank you!!!!

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