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18) Which of the following is the most significant result?
A) P<.001
B) P<.005
C) P=.05
D) P>.05

Okay, I have the answer key and know the question is A, but I always thought that if the P value is greater than .05 than it IS considered significant and you can reject your null hypothesis-am I wrong??

19) Also somewhat of a smilar question:
Which of the following is the most significant result?
A) t9df=2.538 for a 1-sided t- test
B) t15df=2.538 for a 2 sided t-test
C) t26df= 2.538 for a 1-sided t- test
D) t49df= 2.538 for a 2 sided t-test

I have the same problem here, the first multiple choice letter that I rejected (choice C) was the right answer?!?!

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