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Would this be 2 tailed test or a 1 tailed test?
" Do dog owners have fewer doctor visits than control subjects?"

I thought it was a 2 tailed test. Help?

* For an independent group t test, when you are instructed to use a 1 tailed test. which means it would be a directional test, how do i know what level of significance to use?
I used .01, but I don't know if that's correct. The mean for the control group is 11.14 and the mean for the experimental group is 6.4. df=10

* When I fail to reject the Hodo I calculate the cohens d and omega squared?

Thank You

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    Since you are only interested in one direction ("fewer"), it would be a one-tailed test. However, your statement is not clear to me, especially what your control is. Are you saying that people who have dogs visit physicians less often than people who do not have pets or people with other kinds of pets?

    The choice of level of significance is up to the person doing the statistics.

    You do not mention the variability measures for the two groups, which are needed.

    I am unfamiliar with "Cohen's D" and "Omega squared."

    I hope this helps a little. Thanks for asking.

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