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does anyone know the answers to exam number 007028 on penn foster

  • Algebra -

    Why the dickens would anyone GIVE you the answers for an exam that YOU are supposed to show what YOU know? Is this what home-schooling is about?

  • Algebra -

    You can get the answers on either

  • Algebra -

    1. D Correct
    2. A Correct
    3. D Correct
    4. D Correct
    5. B Correct
    6. C Correct
    7. B Correct
    8. B Correct
    9. D Correct
    10. C Correct
    11. A Correct
    12. A Correct
    13. C Correct
    14. A Correct
    15. C Correct
    16. A Correct
    17. C Correct
    18. A Correct
    19. C Correct
    20. A Correct

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