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I know there is an easy way to plot a point in xyz plane, but I can't remember it now. For example if the point is (3,4,2) you count the squares in the right direction and mark it. Can someone help me with this please?

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    (3,4,2) = (x,y,z)
    x= 3
    y= 4
    z= 2
    X is the coordinate in the horizontal plane
    Y is the coordinate in the vertical plan
    Z is the coordinate in the 3rd plane visible in a 3-D diagram.

    To plot the point mark the interception point. Because x is positive and in the horizontal plane count 3 squares right from the origin (0,0). Because y is positive and in the vertical plane count 4 squares up. That is the point (3,4). Plotting a Z coordinate accuately requires graphing software, I believe.

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