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Let's play the 'who is it' game, in which the appropriate person stands up.
Class, first, stand up. I will ask you questions. If your answer is 'Yes, I do' or 'Yes, I am', you should remain standing. However, if your answer is 'No, I'm not' or 'No, I don't', you should be seated. Are you tall? Are you wearing glasses? Do you have any brothers? Do you have any sisters? Are you wearing glasses? Do you have long hair? Are you wearing a watch? Are you wearing blue jeans? Are you wearing a belt? Are you wearing a blue shirt? Are you wearing brown trousers? Do you have a pet? Are there four members in your family? OK, now there are only two students. Will you introduce yourself? Use the expressions used during the game. OK, now, it's your turn. Will you introduce your family members and describe yourself? I'll give you an example: I am tall. I am wearing glasses. I have a brother. I am wearing blue jeans. I am wearing a belt. Will you do that? OK. Good job. Be seated. Let's finish the 'who is it' game.
Thank you for your help.
This is the 'who is it' game.
Would you check the sentences, please?

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    Everything looks good except that "Are you wearing glasses?" is repeated. Did you intend to have that question in there twice?

    The only other thing I'd think about changing is in this question: "Will you introduce yourself?" Just before this, you said theire are only two students left standing. I think "yourself" needs to be "yourselves." But you decide.


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    Correction -- instead of "theire" I should have written "there"!!

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    i appreciate your help!

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